Hardwipe (64bits) 5.1.1

Delete files permanently


  • Easy to use
  • Good options
  • Can delete data from the context menu


  • Use with care

Very good

Hardwipe is a simple little app that allows you to delete files more securely than simply emptying your Windows Recycle Bin.

If you are security conscious and want to make sure that files you delete stay deleted and cannot be found again Hardwipe is for you.. This can give you piece of mind if you are selling or throwing out an old computer, meaning no one can search and old drive for personal data or files.

There are three main functions in Hardwipe. You can wipe specific files, wipe a whole drive, or clean your free hard drive space. You can choose high or low priority, which will use more or less system resources, and choose which type of data wiping you want. The selection of data wiping algorithms is pretty much the same you'll see in any app like this. You can perform a simple data-randomizing wipe all the way up to a 35-pass deletion, which is extremely secure.

Hardwipe does what it claims, and is easy to use. If your PC is shared and the normal log in has Administrator rights, be aware that Hardwipe can do some major damage if used maliciously or carelessly. We'd recommend only installing Hardwipe on an account that requires and Administrator log in! This secure data deletion program is not a cleaning app - for basic PC spring cleaning we'd recommend CCleaner.



Hardwipe (64bits) 5.1.1

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